You Reign on High - Piano Edition

You Reign on High (Piano Edition) - a piano cover of the original version "You Reign on High" with Albin Vilhelm, is here performed by Anders Johansson. Anders is a co-composer of the song and is part of the duo Marie & Anders. He has extensive experience as a songwriter and as a producer within the Christian genre. 

"The piano version takes the listener back to the creation process of the song. I usually say that 'the text is in the melody' ", says Anders. 

"For me, the piano version feels like a reflection of the moment when the song was born. This is how the song came about, during a simple prayer-time at home surrounded with friends," reveals Anders. 

“Instrumental versions are very often the very birth of a song, and this song is no exception," says Anders. “So, perhaps, you could say that this piano cover is something like the original of the original." 

"When you listen to the original recording with Albin Vilhelm, which is a very powerful hymn, this quiet instrumental cover becomes a very audible reminder of the song's impactful message 'Lord You Reign on High, You are Holy Holy’ ." 

An instrumental video with lyrics will also be released. 

The image for the cover and the video is painted by Alice Ahlvlinder.