"Holy Worthy Eternal"

Heligt Värdigt Evigt

Marie & Anders have been writing and producing their own music since 2006, when their first album was released by MaJo Music. Their last album ”Receive,” contains songs of worship in both instrumental and acoustic versions for relaxation and emotional uplifting.
With the release of their fourth album they are now introducing a touch of a supernatural presence, presented neatly in acoustic, and easily accessible. Marie & Anders strive to write and present songs in a way that will inspire people listening to participate, whether it’s through singing or playing along, rather than just listening for enjoyment. Although that’s perfectly alright as well!
Their new album ”Heligt Värdigt Evigt” consists of all original songs and music, inspired by the hope that not only will people enjoy it for personal listening when they have a moment, but that entire arenas can lead multitudes into praise and worship.
Sheet music for the album can be ordered at majomusic.se.

Guitar: Felix Ahlvlinder ”Du är allt för mig” and ”Jag flyr till dig”
Drums: Albin Johansson
Guitar, piano, bass: Anders Johansson
Lead Vocal: Marie & Anders
Lead Vocal: Alice Johansson ”Står här i din närhet”
Choir: Alice Johansson, Caroline Stenfors and Marie & Anders
Production: Marie & Anders Johansson
Mixing: Felix Ahlvlinder
Mastering: Joakim Styren, Panorama Music
Recorded 2016 MaJo Music, Göteborg
Catalogue: MAJO162
© ℗ 2016 MaJo Music


New Instrumental Album

Receive - Marie & Anders

Catalog: MAJO24
Label: ℗ 2014 MAJO MUSIC
Release: 2014-03-18 World, Digital Streaming and Download
Digital distributor: PHONOFILE


After a years work the result is an instrumental album by Marie & Anders. The duo who have written and played their own music for several years are now releasing their third album with a completely new direction.

RECEIVE is an album that invites you in to an atmosphere of calm, rest and relaxation, and is created to make your quality time an even greater investment. It provides music suitable for a variety of environments and for different age groups. Perfect for a walk through the forest, or on a beach by the sea it captures the calmness of nature and brings you to your favorite place. Music for a moments quiet reflection, or to create the atmosphere for a candlelit dinner.

The albums ten tracks have a very pleasant tone, and each track follows on and leads in to the other. Hopefully the album will be downloaded and listened to as a complete symphony. The album is released by the duos own label MaJo Music and will only be available for streaming and download.


01 Come to Me
02 From the Bottom of My Heart
03 Receive
04 I Will Give You Rest
05 Learn from Me
06 I'm Coming to You
07 A Spacious Place
08 Always Loved
09 Where I Can See You
10 Glory to You


Tack att du skapat mig

Tack att du skapat mig

"Tack att du skapat mig" (Thank You for creating Me) is a happy and energetic song for the whole family but directed for children. Linnéa Gabrielsson makes her solo debut on this album vibrant and with a lovely spontaneity! It also contains an instrumental if you want to try it for yourself.

Linnéa is supported by the excellent songwriting duo Marie & Anders and their recording company MaJo Music. Marie Johansson has written music and lyrics and co-producer with Anders. Felix Ahlvlinder who produced the song is himself a songwriter and musician and studies music production at Rytmus Gothenburg

Drums: Albin Johansson; Electric guitar: Anders Johansson; Bass, Piano, electric guitar: Felix Ahlvlinder Choir: Linnéa Gabrielsson, Johanna Gabrielsson, Kristina Lindgren, Marie Johansson, Ida Gabrielsson; Choir and background singer: Alice Johansson Production and mixing : Felix Ahlvlinder Mastering: Joakim Styren, Panorama Recording Studio; Executive producer : Marie Johansson. Catalogue: MAJO15 © ℗ 2015 MaJo Music

Release Date: 2015/03/12